Meet the Men of Pioneering Japanese Reality Dating Show “The Boyfriend”

Get ready for an unforgettable summer of love and friendship with The BoyfriendThe newly released trailer introduces audiences to the nine young men who spend a month together in a beach house, running a coffee truck and experiencing the highs and lows of falling in love.

Expect a blend of romance, camaraderie, jealousy, and everything in between — including a kiss so memorable that host Yoshimi Tokui predicts it will go down in history. As these individuals confront their true selves and take brave steps forward, viewers will cheer them on every step of the way.

“That summer, I fell in love with him…” Nine guys begin living together in a seaside beach house, where they enjoy a special time entirely dedicated to love and friendship. Their unforgettable summer is about to begin…

The Boyfriend features a group of nine young men who are attracted to other guys as they live together in a seaside beach house called the “Green Room” and run a peppermint-colored coffee truck. Whether they are here to meet a romantic partner, find a lifelong friend or improve themselves, these men bring their hopes and dreams to the Green Room to take part in the first gay romance reality show in Japan.

Studio commentators: Megumi, Chiaki Horan, Thelma Aoyama, Durian Lollobrigida, and Yoshimi Tokui

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Friend or boyfriend? Find out this summer on The Boyfriend, premiering July 9, only on Netflix.

About The Boyfriend

In a coastal city of Japan, a seaside beach house known as the “Green Room ” becomes home to a group of young men for one unforgettable summer. As they run a charming coffee truck together, they embark on a journey of sharing intimate feelings, seeking love and forming deep friendships. Will romance blossom amidst the sun and sea? Netflix in Japan’s pioneering LGBTQ+ unscripted dating series centers on this group’s search for the perfect “boyfriend.”

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