The Cannes Film Festival : The Shrouds : Video Review by Serena Davanzo

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Serena Davanzo : Serena Davanzo, a Pennsylvania native, graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Journalism and a BA in Theatre in December 2022. She currently works full time as a weekend anchor/producer and MMJ’s weekdays. She aspires to be an entertainment based journalist and actor!

She’s loved performing arts and film her whole life and that’s what began her passion for it and striving for a career in it! During college, she was a reporter/producer for Centre County Report, interned as a podcast editor for two university theatre publications, worked with other student film makers on various projects, and even studied abroad at the Theatre Academy London in London England. She recently had the opportunity to be in the American Pavilion’s Film and Business program at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. She is excited to work with CinemaDailyUS!

©Courtesy of The Cannes Film Festival

The Shrouds : Karsh, 50, is a prominent businessman. Inconsolable since the death of his wife, he invents GraveTech, revolutionary and controversial technology that enables the living to monitor their dear departed in their shrouds. One night, multiple graves, including that of Karsh’s wife, are desecrated. Karsh sets out to track down the perpetrators.

Directed by : David Cronenberg 

Year of production: 2024

Country: France, Canada

Duration: 116

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