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The Mother / Review : This Film Does Not Miss A Beat

A delightful Mother’s Day Weekend presentation – Netflix’s “The Mother” meticulously directed by: Female Director Niki Caro (She won BAFTA Children’s Award for her breakout film “Whale Rider“) The film does not miss a beat with exciting car chase scenes in humid Cuba (actual location was Gran Canaria, Spain)  and Snowmobile battle scenes in snowy Alaska (filmed in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada).

It definitely had great dramatic scenes with the titular Mother Jennifer Lopez (“Hustlers,”  “Out of Sight,”  “Maid in Manhattan“) and the character Hector played by Gael Garcia Bernal  (“Amores Perros,”  “Y Tu Mama Tambien“). That scene with all the candles and candelabra in the Cuban scene was gothic, dramatic and somewhat sexy. Gael and J.Lo brought it to a different level – mystic, rythmic and eloquent. Let’s not forget Jen’s scenes with Joseph Fieness (“Harry Potter“) were action filled, intense and riveting.

The highlight of the film is Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Daughter scenes with Zoe played by 15 year old Lucy Paez (“Silencio“). I would laugh as they bicker and argue with each other. I remember how my own Mother and Sisters have on and off friction like that. Bitter sweet to behold but nostalgic as I remember my Ma during this Mother’s Day who is in heaven now. Wow, what a Mom would do to protect her daughter from harm. Most teenage daughters would not realize that until they become Mothers themselves. Child actress Lucy Paez goes head to head with J.Lo with such ease.
It must have been a difficult shoot since it was not only emotional but scenes were filled with physical action shot in the dead of winter in the snowy location. Kudos to director Niki Caro to be able bring all the creative juices out from all the cast and crew in this film. I thought I would be watching a tear jerker but what I watched was a Mother portrayed as a Female who tries to survive in this ruthless world. She would do anything to protect her Child.
This film is worth watching for the heartwarming performances of J.Lo, her amazing co actors, for the heartstopping car chase scenes and fight scenes. I feel Netlfix premiered this film appropriately on Mother’s Day weekend May 12, 2023 because it is helmed  by Female Director Niki Caro and Starred and Produced by Miss Jennifer Lopez – both Powerful Influential Female Figures in the Film Industry. I celebrate that as I remember my own Mother and as we all salute our Mother figures in our community. Thank you for what you do for us!
The film is melodically ended with a song by Kate Bush Entitled “This Woman’s Work” I think aptly dedicated to Mothers… I specially like the lines in the song that goes ” All the things we should’ve said that are never said. All the things we should’ve done that we never did.  All the things we should’ve given, but I didn’t…. ” If you allow me to say, I Love you Ma, thank you for all you have done for me.

The Mother” available now on Netflix

Rating: A
Here’s the trailer of the film.

Luis Pedron
Luis Pedron
𝐋𝐮𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐧 is a Director, Actor, Founder and Film Festival Director of the International Film Festival Manhattan, New York, now in its 13th edition, proudly promoting Filipino, Asian, Scandinavian and European films and presenting them in New York. 👉https://iffmusa.com/ A winner of numerous awards as a director and actor, he has been a voting member of the SAG Awards® (Screen Actor Guild / AFTRA (SAGAFTRA) Union) since 1998. Pedron was also co-founder/organizer of the Soho International Film Festival New York(USA 2010, 2011), director of the Asians on Film Festival North Hollywood California (USA 2013), director of the One FILAM Film Festival Hollywood California (USA 2013), director of the Viva Latino International Film Festival New York (USA 2015) and juror of the Sundayag Film Festival Philippines 2022. Pedron has written film reviews and interviewed celebrities on and off the red carpet since 2007.


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