Tribeca Film Festival Review – ‘False Positive’ is a Nuanced Psychological Character Study

Tribeca Film Festival Review – ‘False Positive’ is a Nuanced Psychological Character Study

Supporting female rights and gender equality, both at home and in the work environment, is one of the most important cultural causes that has driven modern American society. The new horror thriller, False Positive, is one of the latest contemporary films that boldly and unapologetically delves into the importance of women achieving their personal and professional dreams, especially on their own terms.

The psychological drama’s strong-willed protagonist, Lucy, who’s played by Emmy Award-nominated actress, Ilana Glazer, finally sees her dreams of becoming a mother and being promoted at the advertising agency where she works coming true. But False Positive ultimately proves what a nuanced character study it is when the now-expectant mother’s new normal quickly begins to fall apart, and she spirals into a constantly suspicious state that threatens her grasp on reality.

False Positive’s gripping exploration into modern-day gender roles and the notion of unconditional trust was crafted by both Glazer and the feature’s director, John Lee. The actress and helmer also co-wrote the script and served as producers together on the mystery movie.

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The filmmaking duo’s gripping exploration into how women’s intuition helps them in their families and careers was initially highlighted when the thriller had its World Premiere last week in the Spotlight Narrative section of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. A24 is also set to distribute False Positive this Friday, June 25 on Hulu.

Set nearly two years after they begin trying and failing to get pregnant, False Positive follows successful Manhattan spouses, Lucy (Glazer) and Adrian (Justin Theroux), as they agree to finally see a fertility doctor for help. They quickly get an appointment with the celebrated and illustrious Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), who was one of Adrian’s teachers in medical school.

After the accomplished doctor helps his former student and his wife become pregnant with triplets, the couple must make some challenging decisions about their future. Lucy and Adrian’s dream of finally having children slowly begins to turn into a nightmare when she starts notice something sinister beneath Dr. Hindle’s gleaming charm. So she sets out to uncover the unsettling truth about him, despite the challenges and obstacles she uncovers along the way.

Glazer is the true standout star in the drama, which serves as her breakout movie performance, after she originally garnered recognition in the mid-late 2010s for starring on, creating, writing, directing and executive producing the Comedy Central sitcom, Broad City. The filmmaker showcases her true range of abilities, both in front of and behind, the camera on the feature, which takes a drastic turn in tone from the television series.

As the initially confident, self-assured main character in the contemporary noir thriller, Lucy slowly but surely descends into self-doubt in both her relationship with Adrian and at the advertising agency where she works when her husband and doctor begin to assert that they know what’s best for her. Glazer naturally highlights her character’s perseverance and determination to maintain control in her career, marriage and impending motherhood in the male-dominated worlds of advertising and fertility, which she comes to resent.

Besides Glazer’s stunning, memorable performance as the resolute, courageous Lucy, False Positive also stands out in the thriller genre for its bold, stylish choices in its daring sets. Jason Singleton, who served as the movie’s production designer, created unique locations that perfectly highlighd the emotions and personalities of the characters in each scene. From the bleak, sterile equipment that fill the exam rooms of Dr. Hindle’s  mysterious practice, to the chic elegance of Lucy and Adrian’s luxurious New York City apartment that highlights the seeming success of their marriage and careers, the drama’s settings perfectly reflect the characters’ emotions and actions.

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False Positive is the perfect nuanced psychological thriller that emotionally delivers the twisted tale of modern family troubles between spouses who seemingly lead the perfect existence. Glazer and Lee created a strong-willed, memorable female protagonist in Lucy, who supports female rights and gender equality, both at home and in the work environment, in modern American society. With the support of the actress’ tantalizing performance, as well as stunning visuals led by Singleton’s memorable production design, the feature is one of the most notable contemporary films that delves into the importance of women following their instincts in their personal and professional lives.

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Grade: A-

Here’s the trailer of the film.

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