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A Quiet Place: Day One | Official Trailer (2024 Movie) : Starring Lupita Nyong’o

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After two successful films at the Box Office, Paramount has released a trailer for a huge franchise film, “A Quiet Place : Day One” which is starring Lupita Nyong’o and directed by John Krasinski. 

A highly anticipated prequel’s teaser puts the “sh” in shock as it will likely render the audience with its explosive action and pin-drop silent sequences. The footage opens with glimpses from 2018’s A Quiet Place and its sequel as it turns the clock back to “Day One” when the first apocalyptic alien invasion breaks out in New York City.

Nyong’o strolls around in New York City with a cat in her arms When the extraterrestrials crash-land in the dense neighborhood of Chinatown, and hunting down anything that makes a sound, she has to deal with an apocalyptic alien invasion screwing up traffic, she realizes the beings hunt through sound and she hides under a car before passing out, seeing the collapse of Brooklyn Bridge and the Air Force hovers over the skies, Nyong’o is saved by Djimon Hounsou, who appeared in Part II.

The film is based on an original idea from A Quiet Place filmmaker Krasinski, and is directed by Pig’s Michael Sarnoski, who also wrote the script. Besides Nyong’o, the film also stars Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, Djimon Hounsou and Denis O’Hare.

Nyong is playing a character called Sam, described by EW as “a woman who’s on a day trip to New York City when the monsters arrive” and is “thrown together” with Quinn’s Character Eric as they semi-reluctantly agree to navigate and survive the city together, with her cat Frodo in tow.

“We have these disparate individuals who collide into each other’s lives, and it is at a very pivotal time for the world,” Nyong’o said of the film’s forged relationships. “How do they negotiate survival together? What we get is really interesting — and even surprising — chemistry in the characters that meet each other along the way.”

A Quiet Place became a surprise smash in 2018, turning Krasinski into an A-list director. It earned $340.9 million globally, with the sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, grossing $297.3 million globally in 2021. A Quiet Place 3 is in the works for a 2025 release. 

The film will open in theaters June 28th, 2024. 

Nobuhiro Hosoki
Nobuhiro Hosoki
Nobuhiro Hosoki grew up watching American films since he was a kid; he decided to go to the United States thanks to seeing the artistry of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange.” After graduating from film school, he worked as an assistant director on TV Tokyo’s program called "Morning Satellite" at the New York branch office but he didn’t give up on his interest in cinema. He became a film reporter for via Yahoo Japan News. In that role, he writes news articles, picks out headliners for Yahoo News, as well as interviewing Hollywood film directors, actors, and producers working in the domestic circuit in the USA. He also does production interviews for Japanese distributors of American films and for in-theater on-sale programs. He is now the editor-in-chief of while continuing his work for Japan.


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