BROKER – Official Trailer ” Starring Song Kang Ho, Bae Doona, Gang Dong-Won, Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda

Neon has revealed their own official US trailer for a highly anticipated Hirokazu Koreeda’s film “Broker.”

Hirokazu Kore-eda made a bit of a departure from Japanese films and tackled his last film, 2019’s “The Truth.” The French film was the director’s first film set outside his native Japan and the first not in his native language.

Now, he teamed up with actors Song Kang Ho and Bae Doona, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest finds him heading to South Korea. Returning to the Cannes Film festival earlier this year, it later screened at the Telluride, Toronto, San Sebastian, Vancouver, and Zurich Film Festivals.

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The Japanese director’s latest work centers on baby boxes, in which parents who aren’t able to provide for their babies anonymously give them. 

The film describes, One rainy night, a baby is left at the baby box facility. Sang-hyun and Dong-soo secretly take it home. However, the next day, So-young unexpectedly returns, looking for her baby Woo-sung. She decides to call the police when she finds out that her boy is missing. The two men’s explanation that they took him to find suitable parents willing to adopt him is hard to believe, but with nowhere left to go, she decides to join their mission to find new parents for her boy. Meanwhile, the police detective Su-jin and her subordinate Detective LEE have been investigating the case for the past 6 months, waiting for the decisive moment when they can catch the duo in the act. This group of people, brought together by a baby box, set off on a journey that will lead to destinations they never expected.

The cast also features, Gang Dong-Won, IU, and Lee Joo-Young.

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Broker” won the Best Actor prize in Cannes for Song Kang-Ho, Shot by cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo (“Parasite,” “Burning). Expect “Broker” on many critics’ Top 10 lists for 2022 films as the year is about to end.

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The film hits theaters on December 26.

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