DÌDI ( 弟弟) // Official Trailer

The official trailer for “DÌDI” has been released by Focus Features, the feature film directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sean Wang (formerly of “N i Nai & Wài Pó“). At the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, it was well-received by critics and audiences, and it won both the U.S. Dramatic Audience Award and the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast.

The upcoming film is centered around a 13-year-old Taiwanese American boy who is discovering his identity while growing up in The Bay Area. Written and directed by Wang, “Didi” stars Isaac Wang, Shirley Chen, Chang Li Hua, Raul Dial, Aaron Chang, Mahaela Park, Chiron Cilia Denk, Montay Boseman, Sunil Mukherjee Maurillo, Alaysia Simmons, Alysha Syed, Georgie August, and Joan Chen.

DÌDI” is produced by Carlos López Estrada, Josh Peters, Valerie Bush, and Sean Wang. Dave A. Liu, Jennifer J. Pritzker, Chris Columbus, Eleanor Columbus, Robina Riccitiello, Chris Quintos Cathcart, Tyler Boehm, and Joan Chen serve as executive producers on the project.

Wang’s short film “Nǎi Nai and Wài Pó” was acquired by Disney+. Wang Said to IndieWire that directing shorts isn’t “any less work than a feature,” especially since he now directed his debut feature with “Dìdi.”

“To have that platform [on Disney+ for ‘Nǎi Nai and Wài Pó’], to have that ability for people to watch it in that capacity, obviously they might still watch it on their laptop, I can’t control that, but just to have the option to have them watch it in a way that feels a little bit more elevated is amazing,” Wang said. “Especially for shorts filmmakers, because you do put so much work into a short film. Just because it’s a short film doesn’t mean it’s any less work than a feature.”

DÌDI” is set to arrive in theaters on July 26.

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