Fatal Attraction | Official Teaser Trailer | Paramount+ : Starring Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan

Get ready for a new take on “Fatal Attraction.”

Paramount+ has released a new trailer for seductive series, which is a for their TV reimagining of Fatal Attraction. The Paramount+ new series launches April 30 with three episodes, followed by a weekly release on Sundays for the remaining five episodes.

The original film, which came out in 1987, follows a man who has an affair with a career woman who proceeds to stalk his family and not be ignored. In the years since, the film never really left the culture — with its politics constantly being relitigated.

Fatal Attraction” series is described as a deep-dive reimagining of the classic psychosexual thriller and ’80s cultural touchstone: “The new series will explore fatal attraction and the timeless themes of marriage and infidelity through the lens of modern attitudes toward strong women, personality disorders and coercive control.”

Starring Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan in the Michael Douglas and Glenn Close roles, the upcoming series is bringing back the erotic thriller.

In the clip, Alex and Dan spark up a conversation about pressing an elevator’s emergency button. The trailer then flips through several of the pair’s clandestine meetings as they share passionate kisses and umbrellas in the rain. It all ends with a shocking twist, as Dan walks into a room to find Alex chatting with his wife, Beth (Amanda Peet). When they’re introduced, Alex coyly replies, “I know him already.”

Fatal Attraction” was a huge hit at the box office in 1987 Believe it or not, it became the second highest-grossing movie of its years.

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