YOSHIKI’s First Directorial Film “Yoshiki : Under the Sky” Will be Released in Theaters on 9.8 In Japan


YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY,” a music documentary film that follows the trajectory of YOSHIKI producing artists from various countries and collaborating with them on songs he has arranged, will be released in theaters in Japan on September 8, ahead of the rest of the world. The trailer and key visual have been released.

This film is a worldwide project that began with YOSHIKI’s call to deliver a message to the world at a time of various crises facing the world: “Let’s deliver a message to the world that we can overcome any difficulty. The Chainsmokers, Saint Vincent, Nicole Scherzinger, and Lindsey Stirling from the U.

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S., Jane Zhang from China, Scorpions from Germany, and Sarah Brightman from the UK, in addition to HYDE, SUGIZO, and SixTONES from Japan. This is YOSHIKI’s first film as a director.

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The trailer begins with YOSHIKI’s narration about how the project got started, and then shows some of the collaborative performances by the eminent participating artists. Then, as YOSHIKI plays the piano on the roof of a building with a night view in the background, the famous song “ENDLESS RAIN” begins to flow, raising expectations for the scene in which fans from around the world sing along, which will be one of the highlights of the film.

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In addition, a key visual that embodies the title “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” itself, featuring a scene from the film in which YOSHIKI plays the piano under the sky, and three scene photos showing YOSHIKI in performance have also been released. “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” itself. The photos show YOSHIKI’s gentle smile toward his fans, his performance against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset, and his cool drum performance surrounded by a fantastic light. (Riku Takahashi)

Full text of YOSHIKI’s comment
When I first announced the production of this work, I could not believe that I would be able to gather with you all in the same place and share the joy of music as we do today. Now, after almost 3 years of hard work, we are able to create the best sound, content, and all other aspects of the film as a theatrical release.
We are proud to announce that HYDE, SUGIZO, and SixTONES from Japan, and Sarah Brightman, The Chainsmokers, and 10 other world-class artists from overseas have participated in this project.
Please enjoy the best music with these great artists at the movie theaters.

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