Filmmakers Diaries : Episode 7 / Mort Aux Lapins

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Filmmakers Diaries : Episode 7 / Mort Aux Lapins

In this weeks Episode, I dive into the idea of using animation and AI to help tell the story in my upcoming movie – The Pale Figures -“Mort Aux Lapins”. AI is a new buzz word and people are excited and terrified about the subject of using AI. Over the generations, humans have always been afraid and skeptical, for good reasons, about evolving to quickly. Whether it was hippies, Jesus or nuclear energy – there have always been pros and cons to evolving.

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I am meeting with Nasville musician and tech enthusiast – Mike Shelling ( to discuss how he can help me to use emerging technologies to help me tell my story.
Thanks so much for tuning in – Together we can prevent suicide – Together we can stop Clergy Abuse.

Siggy Dollar is an American filmmaker and musician located in Nashville, TN. His band The Pale Figures released a double record called Mort Aux Lapins Volume 4 and 5 in 2022. Siggy and The Pale Figures are currently filming a feature length film called Mort Aux Lapins.

Mort Aux Lapins is a movie by Siggy Dollar. The film is a fictional narrative film  that covers the topics of Clergy Abuse, Suicide and Mental Health. The film is being filmed on 16 mm Kodak film and digital cameras.

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The Church has been hiding behind masks and covering up the truth for centuries.Priests have always been protected and in a position to avoid the repercussions of their actions. Now that all changes as Siggy Dollar makes a deal with the devil to bring back a fallen angel to track down pedophile priests and the people who protect them.

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Justice is finally served . . . or is it ?

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