Exclusive Video Interview: Filmmaker Daryl Wein on Directing Something from Tiffany’s

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Nothing compares to the magic and excitement of the Christmas season in New York City, where the streets blaze with lights and romance, and a special box from Tiffany can change the course of several people’s lives forever. That’s certainly the case for the protagonists of the new holiday romantic comedy, Something From Tiffany’s, as the magic of Christmas makes them start to ponder how truly happy they are in their romantic relationships.

The movie was written by Tamara Chestna, who based the script on author Melissa Hill’s 2011 novel of the same name. The screen adaptation was directed by Daryl Wein (Lola Versus, How It Ends). The film was produced in part by Reese Witherspoon through her film and television production company, Hello Sunshine.

Wein generously took the time recently to talk about directing Something From Tiffany’s during an exclusive interview over Zoom. You can watch the videos here, and read below for an official summary and where to watch the movie.

Something from Tiffany’s follows New York City-based couple Rachel and Gary (Zoey Deutch and Ray Nicholson), who are happy enough in their relationship. However, they’re not quite ready for the commitment of becoming engaged.

Conversely, L.A.-based couple Ethan and Vanessa (Kendrick Sampson and Shay Mitchell) seemingly have the perfect romance as they travel to New York for Christmas with his daughter, Daisy (Leah Jeffries). Ethan is just about to make things official in his romantic relationship by proposing to Vanessa during their vacation.

But a simple mix-up of gifts that Gary and Ethan buy their respective girlfriends from the titular Tiffany store causes all of their paths to cross. The mix-up sets off a series of twists and unexpected discoveries that lead everyone to where they’re truly meant to be in their lives.

Something From Tiffany’s is is now playing in Prime Video.

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