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Exclusive Video Interviews: Michael Dorman, Julianna Guill, Sharon Lawrence, and Mustafa Speaks on Spectrum’s ‘Joe Pickett’

Spectrum’s new series Joe Pickett, based on the popular books by author C.J. Box, puts a new spin on the traditional lawman show. Its protagonist is a game warden in Wyoming who confronts those who wish to skirt the rules they find unnecessary and far more threatening criminals with little regard for the wellbeing of his family.

I had the chance to speak with the show’s main stars about what attracted them to this project and the overall experience of working together. Michael Dorman stars as the title character, Joe Pickett, and Julianna Guill plays his wife, Marybeth. Sharon Lawrence portrays Marybeth’s mother, Missy, who clashes frequently with her son-in-law, and Mustafa Speaks is Nate Romanowski, a survivalist whose motives and backstory are slowly filled in over the course of the show’s first season.

You can watch the videos below, along with an official summary and where to watch.

Interview with Actor Michael Dorman and Actress Julianna Guill on “Joe Pickett”

Interview with Actress Sharon Lawrence on “Joe Pickett”

Interview with Actor Mustafa Speaks on “Joe Pickett”

Series summary:

JOE PICKETT, based on the book series of the same name, follows a dedicated game warden (Michael Dorman) and his family as they navigate the shifting socio-political climate of a small rural town on the verge of economic collapse.  When a murder victim winds up on Joe’s doorstep, a larger conspiracy looms, and the Picketts find themselves in the crosshairs. Without the support of local law enforcement, Joe alone must decide what it means to be a good man and a good father in a world on the edge.

The first three episodes of Joe Pickett premiere on Spectrum on Monday, December 6, with new episodes dropping every Monday after that.

Abe Friedtanzer
Abe Friedtanzer
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