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Brad Anderson to Direct Seventh Film in the ‘Living Dead’ Franchise

Shooting is expected to begin later this year on Twilight of the Dead, the “seventh and final installment” of the Living Dead franchise. Brad Anderson will be sitting in the director’s chair, says an exclusive story in the Hollywood Reporter. The screenplay for the new film is being written by a trio of scribes: Joe Knetter, Robert Lucas, and Paola Zelati. Anderson is known for directing such films as The Machinist, Section 9, and The Call.

The upcoming film is being produced and financed by Roundtable Entertainment, which is partnering with the George A. Romero estate on the project. It has been fifty-five years since Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead scared the daylights out of moviegoers with its graphic scenes of zombies running amok. Reflecting on that legendary film, Anderson described it as being maybe “the first real horror movie I ever saw…its shock value, its keen social relevance, and even the means by which it made were all hugely inspirational to me.”

Anderson declared further that Twilight of the Dead would also be “a zombie movie in which limbs fly and heads roll, but one that is also about social transformation, one that asks the question: What is it to be human? It is also a horror movie with ‘heart’ and, dare I say, hope.”

John Baldecchi, one of the producers of the upcoming film, was quoted as saying: “Brad [Anderson] is the ideal filmmaker to bring this project to life. Both Brad and George [Romero] began their careers in the independent film scene and have directed seminal movies in the genre space and beyond. Brad has had tremendous success both commercially and critically and Roundtable is thrilled to have him onboard to direct. Twilight of the Dead is the seventh and final chapter of the Dead series and we think Brad is the perfect storyteller to bring this cinematic tale about the human condition to life.”

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