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Dean Fujioka and Callum Woodhouse to Star in ‘Orang Ikan,’ a WWII-era Horror Film

Set in the Pacific during World War II, Orang Ikan is the title of an upcoming horror film starring Dean Fujioka and Callum Woodhouse. The picture will be scripted and directed by Mike Wiluan with a score by Akihiko Matsumoto. The global rights to the film are being handled by SC Films International out of London, which will promote the production at next month’s Busan festival.

The orang ikan is a mythological human-fish hybrid creature on a deserted island in the South Pacific. After a Japanese ship carrying prisoners of war is torpedoed nearby, two of its survivors—a Japanese soldier and a British prisoner—are forced to take refuge on the island, where they find themselves stalked by the creature. Though the two men are unable to communicate in words, they must work together to confront their common enemy.

Fujioka is known for his appearances in Fullmetal Alchemist and The Man From The Sea. Woodhouse’s credits include All Creatures Great and Small and The Durrells. Based in Singapore and Indonesia, director Mike Wiluan has directed Buffalo Boys and the HBO series Grisse.

Shooting on Orang Ikan will begin next month at Wiluan’s Infinite Studios in Indonesia and in the nearby Java jungles. The film is being produced by Eric Khoo of Singapore’s Zhao Wei Films with support from the Singapore Film Commission.

Describing his interest in the project, Khoo was quoted by Variety as saying: “I grew up on a steady diet of horror movies which ranged from the supernatural to monster flicks. One of my childhood favorites was the classic 1954 monster movie, Creature from the Black Lagoon. During the pandemic I came across Hell in the Pacific, a 1968 war film about a Japanese soldier and an American serviceman marooned on an island trying to kill each other off. This was the lightbulb moment for me – what if an orang ikan had come ashore in that scenario? In order to survive, the two mortal enemies would have to team up to battle this terrifying beast! What an exciting premise!.”

From his perspective, Wiluan told Variety that “We have assembled a wonderful cast, talented artists and the best crew to undertake this incredible adventure. Every production will have its own set of unique challenges and this film would be an ultimate creative and physical challenge for me that I look forward to tackle.”

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Edward Moran
Edward Moran
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