Emery Kelly Rumored to Appear in the Second Season of ‘One Piece’ as Portgas D. Ace AKA “Ace”

Emery Kelly Rumored to Appear in the Second Season of ‘One Piece’ as Portgas D. Ace AKA “Ace”

The rumor mills are churning about who will play the role of Portgas D. Ace in the second season of One Piece.

Netflix recently confirmed that the live-action saga will be returning for a second season, which will probably focus on happenings on Drum Island and Alabasta. The story recounts the adventures of Monkey D. Luffey and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, in their search for the One Piece treasure. In the first season, Ace (Monkey’s brother) was seen searching for Luffy on Alabasta, a desert island. Armed with his Flame Fruit, Ace was able to carry out some fiery attacks on his adversaries.

Though Netflix has not yet revealed casting information for One Piece’s second season, anime fans are speculating that Emery Kelly may be assuming the role of Luffy’s older brother. Kelly is a young actor and musician who had appeared in Alexa & Katie, Big Shot, and Max Winslow and The House of Secrets. He is also known for being part of the band, Forever In Your Mind.

As reported by comicbook.com, rumors about Kelly’s involvement surfaced on social media, when it was discovered that Kelly was using Ace as his profile picture on Instagram.  Fans of One Piece are reportedly lobbying for Jamie Lee Curtis to be cast in the role of Dr. Kureha. In various interviews, Curtis has declared that this was a role she’d be willing to play.

One Piece was created by Eiichiro Oda, who has suggested that the character known as Tony Tony Chopper would also be appearing in the second season. Given the ongoing SAG/WGA/AFTRA strike, it’s unclear when the new installment will be released, but it’s believed that production will resume as soon as the strike is resolved. The show’s producer Marty Adelstein has suggested that scripts for the second season have already been completed.

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