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“Hunter x Hunter,” “Nana” and “Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!” Will be Available at Netflix as Nippon TV Sealed the Deal with Streamer

Netflix and Nippon TV has reached an agreement to a new distribution deal that the streamer includes 13 popular anime titles in to its platform.

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The First three titles to debut on Sep 1st, the first 38 episodes of Hunter X Hunter, Ouran High School Host Club, and Claymore. The other titles included are“Death Note” (37 eps. x 30 mins); “Death Note: Relight 1” (130 mins), “Death Note: Relight 2” (120 mins) in 14 countries. “From Me to You” (25 eps. x 30 min); “From Me to You 2nd Season” (13 eps. x 30 min); “Berserk” (25 eps. x 30 mins); “Parasyte-the Maxim” (24 eps. x 30 mins); “Nana” (47 eps. x 30 mins); “Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!” (76 eps. x 30 mins); and Monster” (74 eps. x 30 mins)

Some series will go wider than others, Hunter X Hunter whose first 38 episodes will be added to Netflix in 104 countries including Spain, Italy, Finland, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Ouran High School Host Club will be available in 190 countries, and Claymore in 136 countries.

Previously, the streamer launched Nippon’s Old Enough! to stream worldwide, as well as 30 of its biggest drama series and entertainment shows which air on Netflix in its Asian markets.

Netflix has been aggressively putting anime contents, during the AnimeJapan convention in Tokyo in April, Netflix revealed that it would launch 40 new anime titles.

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Nobuhiro Hosoki
Nobuhiro Hosoki
Nobuhiro Hosoki grew up watching American films since he was a kid; he decided to go to the United States thanks to seeing the artistry of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange.” After graduating from film school, he worked as an assistant director on TV Tokyo’s program called "Morning Satellite" at the New York branch office but he didn’t give up on his interest in cinema. He became a film reporter for via Yahoo Japan News. In that role, he writes news articles, picks out headliners for Yahoo News, as well as interviewing Hollywood film directors, actors, and producers working in the domestic circuit in the USA. He also does production interviews for Japanese distributors of American films and for in-theater on-sale programs. He is now the editor-in-chief of while continuing his work for Japan.


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