Keanu Reeves Considers Reprising ‘Speed’ Role on One Condition

Keanu Reeves Considers Reprising ‘Speed’ Role on One Condition

Keanu Reeves is reportedly weighing the idea of reprising his role of Jack Traven in Speed, the 1994 thriller he starred in with Sandra Bullock. Set in Los Angeles, the film focused on the efforts of police officers and a passenger trying to save hostages on a bus that was rigged to explode if its speed drops below 50 mph. It grossed some 0 million at the box office and garnered Oscars for Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound.

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As Reeves told an interviewer from Looper: “It’s cool … I never expected that starting out, so to have the opportunity to reprise roles, especially roles that you love, is a special thing. I acknowledge that … To be in John Wick: Chapter 4 is like, ‘What?’ In terms of reprising a role, I don’t know — let’s throw Jack Traven from Speed in the Wayback Machine.”

But there appears to be one condition for his return to the Speed franchise, as he told Access Hollywood: “A great story, a great script.”

Reeves did not appear in the sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control, which was panned by critics and moviegoers alike, but Sandra Bullock reprised her own role in the sequel. Reeves and Bullock next appeared together in 2006, in The Lake House. Last year, Bullock told Fox 5 New York that she was open to appearing in a Speed 3: Horsepower sequel if Daniel Radcliff directed it.

Reeves has not been averse to reprising roles in general.
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Over the past few years, he’s revisited The Matrix Resurrections and Bill and Ted Face the Music. There’s also speculation that he may be reprising the role of John Constantine from his 2005 DC Comics film, Constantine.

To say nothing of Reeves’s John Wick character.
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Directed by Chad Stahelski, John Wick: Chapter 4 has already garnered critical acclaim for its complex action sequences and seems headed for success at the box office.

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