Nobody Writer Derek Kolstad Working on a Sequel to the Hit Action Film

Nobody Writer Derek Kolstad Working on a Sequel to the Hit Action Film

John Wick franchise scribe, Derek Kolstad, has begun writing a sequel to his other hit vigilante action thriller, Nobody. The news of the follow-up’s development was announced by the movie’s director, Ilya Naishuller during an interview he gave to JoBlo about the feature’s upcoming home video release.

“There’s plenty of stories that can be told in this world, with the character Hutch. I know that Derek has begun work on the sequel,” shared Naishuller, who first garnered fame in the action genre when he made his feature film writing and directorial debuts on the 2015 sci-fi movie, Hardcore Henry.

However, the helmer also shared that the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nobody has not yet been officially greenlit by its distributor, Universal Pictures. He added that he personally only considers a film to be greenlit once he begins shooting it on the set. “Whether it’ll happen, time will tell, but all the necessary seeds have been planted,” he noted.

Nobody follows Hutch (Emmy Award-winning actor, Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fame), an overlooked and underestimated father and husband. He takes life’s indignities without question, and never causes trouble.

But when robbers break into his house and his daughter loses her beloved kitty-cat bracelet, Hutch hits a boiling point no one knew he had. He finally pushes back, and goes from being a regular dad and husband to a fearless fighter who takes his enemies on a wild ride of explosive revenge.

Nobody, which also stars Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman), RZA (American Gangster) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), is now available on Digital. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is also set to release the drama on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, June 22.

Nobody‘s home distribution comes after it was released in theaters in the U.S. on March 26, while many theaters across the country were still closed, due to COVID-19. The thriller was still able to gross $26 million domestically, which makes it the 11th highest grossing film of the year in the U.S. so far. It went on to earn $61.6 million worldwide, against a $16 million budget.

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