The Cannes Film Festival : The Substance Review by Luis Pedron

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𝐋𝐮𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐧 is a Director, Actor, Founder and Film Festival Director of the International Film Festival Manhattan, New York, now in its 13th edition, proudly promoting Filipino, Asian, Scandinavian and European films and presenting them in New York. 👉 A winner of numerous awards as a director and actor, he has been a voting member of the SAG Awards® (Screen Actor Guild / AFTRA (SAGAFTRA) Union) since 1998.

Pedron was also co-founder/organizer of the Soho International Film Festival New York(USA 2010, 2011), director of the Asians on Film Festival North Hollywood California (USA 2013), director of the One FILAM Film Festival Hollywood California (USA 2013), director of the Viva Latino International Film Festival New York (USA 2015) and juror of the Sundayag Film Festival Philippines 2022. Pedron has written film reviews and interviewed celebrities on and off the red carpet since 2007.

The Substance

The Substance : Have you ever dreamt of a better version of yourself?
You. Only better in every way. Seriously. You’ve got to try this new product. It’s called The Substance. IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

It generates another you. A new, younger, more beautiful, more perfect, you. And there’s only one rule: You share time. One week for you. One week for the new you. Seven days each. A perfect balance. Easy. Right? If you respect the balance… what could possibly go wrong?

Directed by : Coralie FARGEAT
Year of production: 2024
Country: United Kingdom, United States, France
Duration: 140
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Here’s the trailer of the film.
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