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TV Review: “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” a Full Comedic Turn with Tons of Ties to the MCU

Agree or not, the Disney+ entries into the whole MCU are starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. Every time a new show comes out, that feeling of being surround by Marvel sets in. Are they all doing the same thing? What will be different about this one? Do I need to watch this to stay up to date with the film? You’re not alone in these feelings.

The newest entry, She-Hulk:Attorney at Law, is also entering the fray with fan bases being upset over the quality of the CGI they have been shown in the trailers. Well, rest assured that She-Hulk (or as much of it as we were allowed to see prior to its release) is a welcome entry into your living room.

Let’s skip past the She-Hulk synopsis, shall we? After all, the first episode contains all the back-story you’ll need. Instead, let’s talk about the ups and downs the first 4 episodes of She-Hulk introduce us to. I say ups and downs for a very good reason as She-Hulk is one see-saw of a show. The lows are a bit cringe and stale, but the highs are on point and some of the best product any show has put out in some time.

This goes for all aspects of the show; the plotlines, the visual effects, but most importantly…the humor. Make no mistake, She-Hulk is pretty much a straight forward comedy, so far. Time will tell if it takes some more serious turns, like WandaVision, for example. Till then, fans will get some great chuckles out of this star studded program.

You know you’ve started off on the right foot because you have a show starring the criminally underappreciated Tatiana Maslany. Some people might have only previously seen Maslany in her star-making performances in Orphan Black, but that alone should tell you you’re in good hands. Throw in the return of Tim Roth (who has always been amazing, but has been turning in his best work in the past few years) in a deliciously joyous take on his role of Emil Blonsky/Abomination.

You follow it all by getting the absolute funniest Benedict Wong has been allowed to be as Wong and you already have a recipe for success. And that’s leaving out the cavalcade of other guest stars, cameos, and characters that have only scratched the surface of their appearances by the time episode 4 comes to a close.

For a show that is trying to market as being–and stuck to thus far–more of a comedic lawyer show than a superhero show; She-Hulk is the most MCU connected of the Disney+ shows. From callbacks to previous films to allusions to future projects (just wait till you see the hints on what is going on with Bruce), She-Hulk is very much a web that outstretches its boundaries to all MCU characters and films.

And this is where maybe the glut of Marvel shows on Disney+ starts to show its promise. Instead of wasting time on the screen with origins stories and explanations abound, Disney+ is laying the groundwork to get these characters into the bigger picture, without bogging down the runtime of your precious big screen time. The sheer volume of how characters and events from She-Hulk can and will affect the mainline series, is endless.

Loki might have introduced the big bad for the upcoming future, but She-Hulk is laying bricks that can lead to immediate and long term turn offs into the MCU. Its main premise doesn’t always work, but it knows what it is doing. If by the end of 9 episodes it turns into some serious, world changing drama…fine. But in reality, keeping it as a light, funny mass at the center of the Marvel Universe could be one of the smartest moves made in a very long time.

Final Grade: B+

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series, streaming August 17 on Disney+.

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