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Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood | Official Trailer | Netflix : Directed By Richard Linklater


Richard Linklater’s new animated film, “Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age Adventure” will be produced by Linklater’s Detour FilmProductions and Submarine, and released by Netflix.

Set against the backdrop of the 1969 Apollo mission to the moon, which celebrates its 51st anniversary today, the new film is inspired by Linklater’s childhood in Houston, TX. The live action shoot wrapped in March 2020 in Austin, and the innovative hybrid of hand drawn and computer animated imagery will be completed at Minnow Mountain in Austin and Submarine in the Netherlands. 

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood – Milo Coy as Stan. Cr: Netflix © 2022

●  Directed by: R ichard Linklater

●  Written by: Richard Linklater

●  Produced by: T ommy Pallotta, Mike Blizzard, Femke Wolting (Submarine), Bruno Felix

Cast: Jack Black, Zachary Levi, Glen Powell, Josh Wiggins, Milo Coy, Lee Eddy, Bill Wise, Natalie L’Amoreaux, Jessica Brynn Cohen, Sam Chipman, and Danielle Guilbot

● Synopsis: “Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age Adventure” tells the story of the first moon landing in the summer of 1969 from two interwoven perspectives. It both captures the astronaut and mission control view of the triumphant moment, and the lesser-seen bottom up perspective of what it was like from an excited kid’s perspective, living near NASA but mostly watching it on TV like hundreds of millions of others. It’s ultimately both an exacting re-creation of this special moment in history and a kid’s fantasy about being plucked from his average life in suburbia to secretly train for a covert mission to the moon.

“It struck me years ago that this was my film to make, from both a chronological and proximity level – I was there, going into 3rd grade. Our unique animation style allows both the conjuring of a world long gone, and the flowing, playful expression of memory and imagination. It’s been a fun, creative journey to incorporate things like 3D graphics into a live action shoot to help bring this story to life,” said Richard Linklater. 

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood – (Far Right) ZACHARY LEVI as Kranz. Cr: Netflix © 2022

ABOUT RICHARD LINKLATER:  Five-time Academy Award nominee Richard Linklater’s credits include I t’s Impossible To Learn to Plow ByReadingBooks (1988); Slacker (1991); DazedandConfused (1993);B eforeSunrise (1995); SubUrbia (1997); T he Newton Boys (1998); W aking Life (2001); T ape (2001), S chool of Rock (2003); BeforeSunset (2004),B adNewsBears (2005); AScannerDarkly (2006);F astFoodNation (2006); InningByInning:APortraitofaCoach (2008); MeandOrsonWelles (2009);B ernie (2012); UpTo Speed (2012,Hulu);B eforeMidnight (2013);B oyhood (2014), EverybodyWantsSome!! (2016);L ast Flag Flying (2017); and W here’d You Go, Bernadette (2019). Linklater also serves as the Artistic Director for the Austin Film Society, which he founded in 1985 to showcase films from around the world that were not typically shown in Austin. Now one of the nation’s top film organizations, The Austin Film Society runs a film studio, a two-screen arthouse theater, a community media center, a variety of educational programs, and has given out over $2,000,000 in grants to Texas filmmakers since 1996. 

ABOUT SUBMARINE : With headquarters in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, Submarine is an award-winning production company that develops and produces feature films, scripted series, documentaries, animation and transmedia. Submarine has established itself as an innovative company, working across multiple genres and platforms, all with an international focus.

The company’s upcoming projects include: originalscriptedanimationseries Undone season2forAmazonPrimeVideo,dramaseriesT he Kollective from Gomorrah and ZeroZeroZero showrunners Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, and Emmy award-winning film Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World. 

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood – Cr: Netflix © 2022
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