THE ROYAL HOTEL – Official Trailer : Starring Julie Garner, Jessica Henwick

Neon has dropped a new trailer for “The Royal Hotel,” a chilling thriller starring Julie Garner and Jessica Henwick, and the second narrative feature from director Kitty Green.

The Royal Hotel sees Liv and Hanna forced to take live-in jobs serving patrons in the middle of the outback after their travel funds run out. Although they initially see it as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, the local mining town puts them on edge as male aggression goes unchecked.

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It’s no different at The Royal Hotel where the owner Billy (Hugo Weaving) enables the men’s worst behavior, even if he steps in when they go way too far.

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Between all the unwanted advances and threats they face at the hands of drunken patrons, each scene becomes more tense and uncomfortable to watch as the women, especially Hanna, become more concerned for their safety.

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Green made her feature debut with 2019’s #MeToo drama “The Assistant,” with Garner playing a secretary to an abusive producer modeled after Harvey Weinstein, he also co-wrote The Royal Hotel with Oscar Redding and, like “The Assistant” before it, she took the film to the annual Telluride Film Festival earlier this year where it earned strong reviews in its premiere.

 It’ll finally make its way to theaters next month on October 6.

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