Kevin Smith’s “Moose Jaws” Finally Happening at Lionsgate

Kevin Smith’s “Moose Jaws” Finally Happening at Lionsgate

Lionsgate and a New Jersey native filmmaker Kevin Smith are teaming up again to work on Smith’s long-awaited “Moose Jaws” project – “Moose Jaws” is intended to be the final installment of his True North trilogy, which primarily takes place within Canada.

It all started with “Tusk,” which is about a podcaster named Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) who gets turned into a human walrus by Howard Howe (Michael Parks). The 2016 second installment, “Yoga Hosers,” is about the two Canadian store clerks from the previous film, Colleen Collette (Lily-Rose Depp) and Colleen McKenzie (Harley Quinn Smith), who get into a battle against an army of Bratzis. Bratwurst Nazis.

Fangoria reports that Smith officially announced in a Q&A at GalaxyCon a few weeks back (But the video appearance is only going online this week) that he is finally getting to work on the horror-comedy.

Smith previously hinted at “Moose Jaws” in the past, teasing that the movie follows the same premise as the 1975 classic Jaws but instead focuses on a moose causing terror and mayhem. 

“[Moose Jaws] is a movie I’ve been threatening to make for a long time, but thanks to the good folks at Lionsgate, it’s actually going to happen”. This all comes down to the success of “Clerks 3” and “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot” on home video. It turns out the distributor sold enough Blu-rays and DVDs of the films that Smith has been able to get a whole slate of films greenlit with them. Lionsgate was particularly keen on the “Moose Jaws” idea: “I said, ‘I got this movie called Moose Jaws,’ and they were like, ‘What’s Moose Jaws?’ And I was like, ‘Moose Jaws is like Jaws but with a Moose instead of a shark.’ And they said, ‘What’s the budget for that?’ I was like, ‘About three million bucks,’ they’re like, ‘We’ll make four of them.’ So it looks like Moose Jaws is finally gonna happen.”

Other films on the slate include the “Mallrats” sequel “Twilight of the Mallrats,” another “Jay and Silent Bob” film and a sequel to “Red State” and a new original film titled “The 4:30 Movie.”

With the film still in its early stages of development, no official release date for “Moose Jaws has been set yet.

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